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3/15/16 Fishing Report

 3/15/16 Fishing Report


Been a whole year since Ive done a fishing report on the actual website. Even though we have an Instagram report that posts daily on the front of the homepage, we like to try to keep things as updated as we can. Sometimes :)

One thing is for sure. We have been getting as rigged up as we can for 2016. Now all we need are some sunny days with light winds.

Im fortunate enough to be taking the girls on a road trip to Fl. next week and the ol' Maddy wagon is ready to fish!!

Stay tuned in for fishing reports and updates on the 2016 Cobia kick off info. Aaron Kelly at has been keeping everybody up to date on a lot of this input. Thank you much AK!

I hope everyone gets to enjoy these spring days on the way. Give us a shout at 252-256-8083 or email at to get in touch and book a trip with us this summer. 

Tight Lines!!

Capt Aaron