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2/23/13 Jonesing Report

 2/23/13 Jonesing Report

Hey Guys! Long winter here on the Outer Banks. Other than some cool "snow days" and some serious cabin fever, we might have the upper hand on winter with longer, warmer days. Looks like the Trout took a hit and the boys wont be flippin' em in the pail till June or so. On the positive side, we are maybe looking at some time in Destin FL mid April. Anyone looking to get a shot at something in a different area and very special, give us a shout or an email and we will do our best to help get ya down there! Maybe you already are with spring break?! Thanks for staying tuned in and hope to get you guys some cool "tower time video" this spring to enjoy : ). Anyone headed to the Space Coast near Cape Canaveral give us a shout too. I know a couple guys over there fishing as well!

Capt Aaron