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Big one that got away....


Fishing Report 8/14/13

Fishing Report 8/14/13

I had my good friend Ben Morris, his brother, nephew and dad along for a windy boat ride yesterday. We tried looking for brown fish in the wind that proved tougher than I guessed. We found ourselves in the bottom of the 8th inning and found what we were looking for, a pair of massive Cobia sunning themselves. We followed em 2 or 3 times and finally had a cast that got ones attention. She bit the jig, set the hook and "ping" went the 70 lbr..... the sound you never want to hear : {. We had our shot, maybe get her next time Ben! Always great having you guys on board : ). See ya soon buddy and thanks for fishing hard with me!

Today was a treat from the wind gods. We STRUGGLED like I have not in recent moons. 1 single bite on Mom's jig and couldn't keep it buttoned up. After 2 more hours of anchoring, we decided it wasnt happening and threw in the towel. I'm not much on giving up but sometimes it just hurts when you can't buy a bite : (. Let me at em tomorrow now that the wind has pushed em in my honey holes : ). See ya soon!

Capt Aaron