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Vacation Report 7/28/13

Vacation Report 7/28/13

I just had to post this killer photo of Conner and I! It gives a lot of stoke to me to have little dudes like this so pumped on their first fish : ). Next year, im giving him the short Ugly Stick and letting him at it!! he's gonna be a killer for sure! Cool thing is, its these guys that I try to push the the idea that keeping the smaller ones and letting the "BIG Girls" go, is the way to go. Cant wait for Hatteras next spring already! Anyway, thanks for all the support everybody! Im takin my girls to the lake for a few days to enjoy some R & R. Next open date is August 4th in the Pm. Dates also available later in that week.  I hope the weather treats yall good!! 

Capt Aaron