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JR Cobiakiller!!!


AM Fishing Report 7/24/13

AM Fishing Report 7/24/13

This kid was on fire!!! He caught 5 nice Specks walkn' the dog with a zara spook right off the git go! Then said, "lets catch some Cobia". Thats what we did. We found a warm up fish 30 minutes into it and we were stoked! Saw him pushin'. Then, a friend gave me a little hint and we were outta there! We arrived and within 10 minutes of dodging the boats on the change, we found a spot and hooked up! We saw 6, caught 3 and kept 2. An epic end to a great morning : ). Little guy will remember that hour of tower time for the rest of his life : ). See yall next summer!!!

Capt Aaron