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We finally got our FISH!!!


PM Fishing Report 7/22/13

PM Fishing Report 7/22/13

Well, today was a day to remember. I had my AM crew out early trying the Cobia bite and to no avail, we couldn't get one to stay tight. We saw 6 or so with some serious meat behind a couple. I was straight "shakin" in the tower when the 80 lbr wouldnt take the jig :{. Talk about drivn ya nuts!!! Anyway, the boys saw  em and they're coming back to get theirs! Pm trip was with local and semi local good friends that were on a mission. After my morning missing 6, I was ready for redemption! We found some pretty water and saw 1 keeper with a pup. Couldn't get a good cast : [. Turned directions and saw a 40 lbr right in front of my boat, he's down the line a little and there she is, in the bad light and all. No taker, good cast and all. Finish what we thought was the "good water" and saw zilch. I turned East to the Ocean, went 200 yards and hung a wierd right turn. As my good buddy Michael, in the tower, agrees its a needle in a haystack, we get caught 20 yards the other way with a bruiser cruising with us in the "bad water". Out goes Mr. wiggles before i could get a word out and the cast is off!!! OMG, can i even fish anymore??? Then she stays up and gives me a second shot, god sent, she looks at the eel, 3 ft. in front of her and "slurps" it into her mouth. HOOKED UP!!! 20 minutes later after all the adrenaline subsides, I gaff what was one of the strongest Cobes I have ever stuck. She tried her darndest to get off that hook. After 2 or 3 good plunges, she comes over the rail and in the boat. 62 lbs. and 11.5 hours later, we won the game : ). Its like wrestling. The only way to win sometimes is the 3rd period with 20 seconds left. Thank you everyone for having faith in us! Gonna be one to remember boys!

Capt Aaron