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Topwater Trout, Bull Drum and Cobia and Ducks???


Fishing Report 7/10/13

  Fishing Report 7/10/13

Fairy tale day for sure. Started our AM trip at the crack o' dawn with Tim Baker and his son Nathan. We threw topwater plugs for Trout and caught 5 at a quick rate till the sun got higher and the bite stopped. We then decided to try for a BIG fish. We stumbled upon a nice chunk of Drum that were ever so frolicking about on the surface when the bucktails hit the water. BOOOM!!! The look on Nathans face was priceless when i handed down the rod and the fish took a serious run the opposite direction. Then dads turn. He enjoyed watching Nathan more than reelin' em in : ). We had several turns winding them in and decided to call a few buddies to come play. Remember, sharing is caring : ). Thanks for an epic afternoon of fishing boys!!! Cant do it without ya!

P.S.  for all you "Duck Dynasty" lovers out there, which i am one, check out the flock of ducks flying in on Nathan's fish!!! All the spots look like ducks!. Or am i tripping from staring at water all day?

Capt Aaron