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Sacked up by brother and family!!!


PM Fishing Report 7/09/13

PM Fishing Report 7/09/13

I had Blake Macek and his family out all day today. We started the AM trip off well with Dad getting plenty of bites and a handful of nice keepers. We moved south slowly, fishing old and new spots, finding some hungry Trout and small Blues along the way! Then,,,,,picked up the kids for the afternoon trip and thought it was gonna be epic!?! As i phoned my brother Hunter to check on his status at Trout hole #11teen and a half, he tells me in a panicked voice, "3 blow ups on this cast"!!! Hes catching my Trout on topwater plugs and Im about to get mine!!! Wroooonnnngggg!!!! We dropped anchor and watched him, his father in law, his wife and his 2 kids pluck nice Specks from the grass as we could only watch in disbelief and jaw drop. We did have a few swipe at our top waters but just couldnt getm to commit. Then, when no ones looking at there lure, BOOOM!!! we got one! That was short lived. We tried a couple more spots and scratched out to more nice 17-18 in Specks. Nice to see em swim away too : ). You guys are a pleasyre to have back on the boat. Thank for everything! See ya next year!

Capt Aaron