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Big D in da house!!!


Fishing Report 7/08/13

  Fishing Report 7/08/13

I had Deonte in the house today yall!!! This man had the smell of Cobia on his mind and with the help of the man upstairs, we managed to get him a few : ). So cool when it happens for us, especially in July!!!! This will be a season to remember fo sho!! Great year to buy a pair of Costas huh.....Thanks for fishing hard D. See ya next season buddy : ). You whooped that fishes butt! We saw 4 and landed 3. Yes, we have major "head chop" going on here and appologize, we used his camera and fish was extra long. Dont worry, his face is as pretty as the sun gleaming off the fish"s skin. Yewwww!!!!

ps. you like how i photo shopped OI bridge in the back ground : )   Wheres Waldo?

Capt Aaron