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Here we go again!


Fishing Report 6/13/13

     Fishing Report 6/13/13

Fished this AM with the Gldbach crew! Man, glad we rescheduled for this AM : ). Once again, headed right out to the front door of the meat market this morning. We started early knowing the wind was coming later. We checked a local Cobia watering hole with no passengers riding along so we tried jigging in the deep with no luck and decided to turn to the beach and use what light we had. As soon as we started chatting, the pair up front of the photo were just cruising ever so happily. Then,,,,they had a 2.5 oz. bucktail tipeed with some candy that the smaller one just had to have! We held on for the first run and pulled him back up to the top. Thats when "BIG girl" decided she didnt want to leave her boyfriend. That was a bad decision as well. Lopped the pink jig out and in came the 45 lbr! Man, what a way to start. Then,,,,we cruised around for two hours without a sighting. Was this it, is the bite over? Nope, just had to find their hangout spot for the day and shake em up'. Glad we found a few fish near the end of the trip to let these guys tangle with em a bit! Im sure you all will enjoy those steaks on the grill tonight. Hope to see you guys and gals next year!!!

Capt Aaron