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Afternoon Cobiathon!


Fishing Report 6/12/13

     Fishing Report 6/12/13

Had the pleasure of fishing with the Rauland crew for the later part of the day! We had tough fishing but came through in the cluch! These guys were pumped to see the brown bombers frolicking about. Jim was in the tower when we saw our daily "pack" of fish. I stopped counting at 9 when I threw the bucktail and hooked up the quickest moving fish. We pulled off a slob early in the trip and we were pretty bummed on it, till we started spotting more. Everyone got to crank on a few and made the afternoon ride home very pleasant. The boys had 2 citations over 40 and a few tasty ones for the grill. You all did great! Hope to see you boys sooner than later : ). Thanks a bunch! 

Capt Aaron