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Fishing Report 6/12/13

    Fishing Report 6/12/13

14 cobia today! 8 for the Richmond crew in the AM and 6 for the Rauland crew in the PM. When someone whos been doing it 3 times longer than you can only say "WOW" at the end of the day, you know it was a good one. The Richmond crew compiled of good friends Steve, Kevin, Ben and little Conner. Well, not so little anymore : ). The boys had to start early and sure glad we did! As soon as we could halfway start to see about 8:45, we started seein em. 3 hours and a whole lotta action later, we happily steamed back to the dock to meet the arrival party. The boys didnt bring enough cooler. Love when that happens : ). The boys had mucho tower time and deserved every ounce of meat on those fish! See yall in the Bay soon!!! Thanks for the support boys....

Capt Aaron