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Stoned them!


Fishing Report 6/10/13

  Fishing Report 6/10/13


Just not fare to have your heads cut off like that. At least they have Cobia meat : ). Kevin and his dad Phil Stone fished hard this AM early with an oyster toad on his first cast! Not a good sign for me anyway : ]. We tried a few spots to no avail, just one small throwback Speckled Trout. I even caght the thing, not fare at all. Then,,,,Kevin gave me the look and question I was waiting for, can we try for the Cobes now Capt? We B-lined to the good water and started spotting fish out of the gate. Only issue was, I couldnt get my skittles together and hook one of the silly legless terds. Then,,,,we took a ride in the wind outside to "no boat land" and starting seeing more.Thanks to Mr. Willie Etheridge. We saw over 20 again and came home with 6 nice fish, the biggest about 42-45lbs? Had a great ending to a not so good start. Never quit!!! : ) Call us for your next day off. Its not gonna last forever.............

Capt Aaron