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Fishing Report 6/06/13

 Fishing Report 6/06/13

We had a great few days of fishing this week! Had Wednesday fall through on us yet allowed Tilford and I to get out there for an afternoon of fun Cobia fishing. Saw 20 and had 3 in the box. Thanks for riding T! Yesterday we had return clients Digger and Dennis out early. They did well on the Trout with the corks making it easy for us. Had 7 nice ones by 8:30. We then decided to make our way out to find a Cobia. Indeed we did! Dennis had a 50 lbr on an eel and Digger got his first Cobia which was a nice specimen of 45 lbs. We brought a 25 lbr to the boat for some tasty eats as well! So glad the weather held out for you guys! We had the Painter crew from West Va. out in the afternoon and what a bunch of hardcore guys they were! They wanted to get straight out there, even as sporty as it was for the little guys. Luck was on our side and within 40 minutes we had the 30 lbr in the box! Just like its supposed to happen : ). We then decided to go find some Trout to end the afternoon session. We had 3 nice keepers and a couple throwbacks. I wish everyone fished as hard as you guys. You desrved it! See ya next June!!!! YEWWW!!!

Capt Aaron