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Trout N Cobes!


Fishing Report 5/23/13

 Fishing Report 5/23/13

We had return customers John Mustard and family Wednesday on a tough adventure on the ol' Harkers Island. We were a couple hours late to the party but did squeek out two Cobes before the thunderstorms ran us out of there. Lets hope he gets his 70 lbr. next time! Thank you for the support John! Things were a bit different today as the rain was letting loose but my clents Bill and Colton were amped to get on the water regardless. We decided to brave the showers and try our luck on the "Specks". Glad we all hung in there and pulled it off in the end. We had 7 nice Trout to take home and try Grandmas favorite recipe, cream cheese, bacon and Ol' Bay! Try baking it, its the bomb....Hope the SW wind stays at 10 mph the next month so I can catch up to Mr. Cobiakiller himself. You know who you are : ).  Thank you all my people for returning and keeping the girls happy! Its been a ton of fun....

Tight Lines!!!

Capt Aaron